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Company Vision

The Eynon Mission

Enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity, and a demand for excellence guide us all. We want to be the best in sales and in marketing, and we want to be recognized as such by our customers, principals, and employees. We want to maintain this focus on excellence by continually providing new and better services, always increasing the value of our service package to principals and customers alike.  Our focus on high performance requires an exceptional level of stamina and dedication.  At Eynon Associates, we know that top notch service is not just people cheering and banners waiving.  It is the highly coordinated efforts of people who understand the importance of attending to detail and working to achieve measurable results.

Core Values
1. Our principals and customers are the Kings of our Business.
2. We work hard and effectively.
3. We are the role model for other manufacturers’ representatives.
4. We embrace unequivocal professionalism.
5. We are organized, focused, and committed to grow our principals’ businesses.

Core Purpose
To give unlimited opportunity to all employees.

Envisioned Future

Achieve sales of $75,000,000 by 2018.

Vivid Description
We will become known as the manufacturer’s representative that is the number one choice for automotive component sales. We will continue to innovate, adding additional salespeople in new, creative ways and employing current ones more effectively as we all improve and refine our skills. We will expand the quality representative concept to more customers and will continue to invest in new technologies. As we grow and innovate, even more opportunity will be generated for our sales and staff associates. We expect difficulties along the way. Our enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity, and demand for excellence, however, will continue to produce the results we are seeking. Manufacturers who use our services will be seen as the best managed, not as ones using old fashioned and out-of-date sales methods. We will be seen as the best choice possible, delivering the highest value to our principals.



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